Jul 012013

Bear Swarm! has become BS! Radio

After five years, Bear Swarm! has moved to a new location.


It’s not so much a new show, as a new attitude.
It’s still Mike and Rob talking about things the like,
but without the constant shackle of gaming.
If you came to Bear Swarm! for personality, you’ll love BS! Radio.
If you came for gaming talk, check out BS! Radio because we haven’t stopped loving the hobby.

Oct 192012

Download ALL of BearSwarm!

For the next month you’ll be able to download EVERY SINGLE EPISODE OF BEAR SWARM! ever recorded (plus a bunch of bonus garbage) all in 16 (17, if you’re counting the bonus garbage) easy .rar files.

Why are we doing this?


Each .rar is around 700MBs (except for the bonus garbage, which weighs in at around 1.35GBs) because I was to lazy to figure out a better way to split the files.

Why are we only doing this for a month?

Because thats when the free rapidshare files expire and I’m not paying a single solitary penny to do this.

So, after the break… The links:

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Jul 302012

Rob recently appeared on another podcast to discuss the Iron Kingdoms RPG. Check it out at:


A role playing podcast with a focus on the Iron Kingdoms RPG by Privateer Press. The first episode features hosts Dustin Turner and Carl Morgan joined by Rob Justice from The Bear Swarm podcast.

This episode we talk about the former and future Iron Kingdoms Role Playing Game. Plus GenCon hopes and dreams.

Aug 032011

Bear Swarm! is going to GenCon! Rob, Mike, Darryl, and Paul will all be in attendance!

Are you going to GenCon? Want to get a hold of us? We’ll make it easy for you.


Email: rob@bearswarm.com
Twitter: bs_rob


Email: mike@bearswarm.com
Twitter: bs_mike


Email: Darryl@bearswarm.com
Twitter: DarrylLoyd


Email: paul@bearswarm.com
Twitter: bs_paul

May 262011

As some of you may be aware, Joplin, MO was hit pretty freaking hard by tornadoes in the last few days. Joplin is about 75 miles from here and a lot of Joplin locals come up here on the weekends. Their friends, families, and gamers.

A local gaming store (Meta-Games) is gathering various stuff for a silent auction that will run from June 6th – June 12th. Proceeds will go to Red Cross for Joplin disaster relief.

They already have a couple places donating items but I figured I’d reach out to the handful of people I know that might be able to donate something, anything, for this gamer auction.

If you have anything you can pitch in you can e-mail me at rob@bearswarm.com and we can work out the details.