Game Franchise Movie Pitches


On Episode 239, Rob and Mike discussed the absurdity of the Battleship movie and decided they could pitch better movie ideas. They proceeded to pitch several ideas based on other recognizable game franchises. Here we’ll chronicle the pitches that have been suggested to us as well as a list of pitches we’ve already done.

The Rules

Because of the bizarre suggestions we started getting we needed to lay down the ground rules for this segment.

  1. It has to be an franchise game, meaning it either has multiple releases or sequel over a number of years.
    • Non-Franchise games that are easily recognizable or iconic can also be used.
  2. It can not have an inherent or implied story already, as the movie pitch is simply that story.
  3.  The hosts, Rob and Mike, have to be familiar with the game.

Pitches so Far

The goal is to do one pitch per episode, though some episodes contain multiple pitch ideas.

Episode 239:  Battleship, Dominoes, and Shoots and Ladders
Episode 240:  Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Connect Four
Episode 241:  Tic-Tac-Toe
Episode 242: Twister

The Queue

This is not the order we’ll be doing the pitches in, it’s just a list of what pitches we’ve heard so far.

Custer’s Revenge
Duck Duck Goose
Magic The Gathering 
Rubix Cube

The Rejected

We’ve got some strange suggestions as well, which we’ve rejected. Here’s the what and why.

A Day In The Life Of Rob Justice: Not a game
Apples to Apples: Not a franchise
Dance Dance Revolution: Implied storyline (Dance competition)
KFC: Not a game
Mass Effect: Inherent storyline
Minecraft: Not a franchise
Nerf: Not a game
Pizza Hut: Not a game
Ricochet: Not known to the hosts
Star Wars sequels: Not a game
Taco Bell: Not a game
The Bear Swarm Podcast: Not a game
The Culture series novels: Inherent storyline
The Legend of Zelda: Inherent storyline
The Total War computer game series: Inherent storyline
Time Splitters: Inherent storyline
Tropicana Orange Juice: Not a game

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  1. Jenga(Tumbling Inferno)! Mousetrap (Saw for Rodents)! Operation (There Will Be Blood II) Lawn Darts (Deep Impact or Death in the Afternoon) Simon (Fuck Those Flashing Lights).

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