4 Advantages of Listening to Podcasts You Must Know

Among all the other things, you’ll certainly come across podcasts while browsing the internet. They can be an excellent medium to use your available time for learning something interesting. You might be already knowing a lot about podcasts or even enjoying one of them. However, if you haven’t listened to any of the podcasts, you’re missing out its benefits. 

There’s something intangible that you get when you listen to a podcast. You almost begin to feel a personal connection with the host. This is quite similar to the connection that you feel while listening to live streamers and YouTubers. Here are a few advantages of listening to podcasts:

1. Learning

This benefit seems to be an obvious one, but it carries a lot more potential than you think. When you learn something, you’re investing in yourself more than in anything else. In the end, this is the investment that would really matter to you. There are many podcasts dealing with different topics. 

Politics, history, finance, search engine optimization, and real estate are some of them. What’s more interesting is the fact that podcasts continue to grow. When compared to the over-saturated blog platform, this is a relatively new medium.

2. Staying productive during commute

Let’s say you have a 45-minute commute. Listening to music for those 45 minutes can be good, but it’s definitely not productive. If you really want to do something productive, listen to recordings that help you in learning a new language. It would not only be enjoyable but also very immersive, as podcasts are great for mental immersion. 

Podcasts keep you engrossed in the subject you’re listening to. There are many podcasts with episodes spanning 30 or even 40 minutes. This makes them perfect for long commutes. After all, investing in something worth learning would make you better in the end.

3. Free education and entertainment

Podcasts are generally free. Unlike the monthly subscription that you pay for Spotify, they offer free entertainment. More than free entertainment, most of these podcasts are educational. One thing to remember here is that education is not cheap. 

If you enroll in a college to learn history, it would cost you a fortune. Even investing in a masterclass or an online course requires a certain amount of money. Podcasts are the only sources of free learning; besides, of course, some YouTube channels. 

They won’t be useful if you need certificates or degrees. If you’re seeking only knowledge, then they’re the best. A podcast may not give you all the knowledge required for a subject. It just gives you a framework of what you’d need to look for in the future.

4. Staying up-to-date

Learning from a podcast is quite different from learning through traditional mediums of education. Information provided in podcasts are up-to-date. Information Technology would be the right example here. A formal education in this subject is of no use, as it quickly becomes outdated. Most of the courses in Information Technology never keep pace with the rapid technological advancements. 

Podcasts always stay relevant, as they’re in need of an audience. Even websites fight for relevance. This is the reason why Google continues to update its algorithm. Many individuals accuse Google of tormenting SEO professionals and website administrators with this. What Google tries to do with such updates is to get relevant and useful information to its audience.

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